José Ramón Pin

José Ramón Pin

Human Behavior

José Ramón is a Doctor in Sociology and Political Science from the Pontifical University of Salamanca, MBA from IESE, Agricultural Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Bachelor in Economics from the University of Calencia. He is a professor of people management in organizations. He is an Ordinary Professor (Full-professor) of the IESE of the University of Navarra. Director of the Department of People Management in the Organization. Director of IRCO (International Center on Organizations) and CELA (Center for Latin American Enterprise) Research Institutes of IESE. Director of the Executive MBA since 2004/2005. Rector and member of the Economic-Business Council of BARNA Business School (Santo Domingo).

Visiting professor at AESE (Portugal), ISE (Brazil), INALDE at the University of de la Sabana (Colombia), IEEM at the University of Montevideo, ESE at the Universidad de los Andes (Chile), PAD at the University of Piura ( Peru), IPADE from the Universidad Panamericana (Mexico), ISE (Brazil), IDE (Ecuador), IHA (Ivory Coast), San Telmo International Institute (Seville), and Bravo Murillo Foundation (Canary Islands) ….

He has written several books: Consistencia. The key in HR Management (Pearson Education SL 2005), Political Tsunamis (EUINSA, 2010), The White Paper on the improvement of Public Services (MAP, 2001), Pay me as I want (McGraw Hill, 2002). Change in the Police of several Countries (Foundation of the National Body of the Spanish Police, 2001),, The weaknesses of the Spanish Economy (EUINSA, 1996), Directing is Education (McGraw Hill, 1994) …. Numerous chapters of books, scientific and popular articles. He has been and is a member of the Board of Directors of several companies and has made professional consultations in national and multinational companies.

He has been Deputy to the Congress of Spain (1977/1982), Deputy Spokesperson of the Centrist Parliamentary Group, Deputy in the Assembly of Madrid (1983/1997), and Councilor of Internal Regime and Staff of the City Council of Madrid (1994/1996). He is in possession of the Order of Constitutional Merit of Spain and the Great Cross of Jaume I (Generalitat Valenciana). He has the Business Academic Merit Medal of the BARNA Business School.