Amalia Descalzo

Máster Ejecutivo en Dirección de Empresas de Moda

Amalia Descalzo

Fashion and Culture

Amalia has a PhD in History of Art from the Autonomous University of Madrid. she completed her doctoral thesis under the direction of Alfonso Pérez Sánchez on portraiture and fashion in Spain (1661-1746). Member of the Scientific Committee of the Costume Museum. CIPE of Madrid, in which she has worked since its creation in 2004, in the Research Department as a specialist in historical clothing.

She is President of the Association of Friends of the Costume Museum. CIPE. Amalia teaches classes on the history of clothing in the School of Art and Antiques in the Master of “Expert Appraiser in Antiques and Works of Art”, own title of the University of Alcalá de Henares. With Carmen Bernis, who was her teacher and Amelia Leira, she is co-author in the book History of Dress and Fashion in Spain, which is currently in the editorial Gustavo Gili, SL for publication.

She has been Director together with José Luis Colomer, director of the Center for Hispanic Europe Studies, of the First International Congress “Dressing the Spanish. Prestige and validity of the Spanish attire in the European courts (XVI and XVII centuries) “.

Among her latest publications, deserve to be highlighted: “The dress between 1170 and 1340 in the Royal Pantheon of the Strikes” in the Catalog of the Exhibition Rich Garments. The Monastery of Las Huelgas and its period 1170-1340, Madrid, Royal Palace, National Heritage, 2005; “The Spanish in fashion” in the catalog of the Genio and Figure Exhibition. The influence of Spanish culture on fashion State Society for International Exhibitions, Aichi, 2005; “Color pictorial expression of fashion” in collaboration with Lucina Llorente in the catalog of the Modachrome Exhibition: color in the history of fashion, Madrid, Costume Museum, May 10, September 23, 2007; and “Velázquez and fashion. Approach to the identity of “The lady the fan” in In sapientia libertas. Written in Tribute to Professor Alfonso E. Pérez Sánchez, Madrid / Seville, 2008. Museo Nacional del Prado-Focus-Abengoa Foundation; “Laurence du panier dans les Cours Européennes” in the catalog of the exhibition Fastes de Cour et Ceremonias Royales. Le Costume de Cour in Europe 1650-1800. Château de Versailles, March 31-June 28, 2009, pp. 72-77.