“Living every Friday with the PADEM colleagues has been like finding a treasure”

Last Thursday, June 30, the Closing Ceremony of the Advanced Program in Fashion Business Management (PADEM) took place. The students of the VIII promotion received their Diplomas and said goodbye with nostalgia to this course of intense learning.

José Manuel Martínez, CEO of Bimba y Lola, shared the potions, ideas and common sense that every successful project in the world of fashion must formulate in his conference at the graduation ceremony for the 8th class of PADEM . He shared the table with Cristina Fernández Saldaña, manager of ISEM, and Marta Torregrosa, academic director of the program.

The latter appealed in her speech to originality orphanof stereotypes, aware of all the recipes contained in the book of the good manager, who knows how to give each dish a personal touch to know how to mix three essential ingredients: prudence, strength and justice. Raw materials that “allow the leader to decide in the face of complexity, to take risks boldly but without foolishness, and to persevere even when there is resistance”.

Learning to formulate those potions and to cook those recipes was the task of the 20 PADEM students for four months. Magnificent teachers who, like the best chefs, have generously shared their knowledge and guided the students, who thanked them in the speech for being a turning point in their professional careers.

Teresa Iturralde y Luis Miguel Rivero

The journalist Teresa Iturralde and Luis Miguel Rivero, CEO of Black Limba, were the students who read the speech on behalf of their entire class: “For us, 20 students, each one of their father and mother, who come from Mexico, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Seville, Oviedo, but also from the heart of Madrid and Pinto; For everyone without exception, PADEM has meant a before and after. An intellectual approach to apply to our professional lives, because living together every Friday at PADEM has been like finding a treasure”.

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