Graduation of the XVI promotion of the Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration

Clemente Cebrián, founder of El Ganso, was responsible for the master lesson


The XVI promotion of the Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration of ISEM Fashion Business School graduated on June 29 2019, at the new headquarters of the School in Madrid. During the event, Clemente Cebrián, one of the founders of the Spanish brand El Ganso, gave the closing speech.

Cebrián encouraged the students to “enjoy the path that is traveled to reach the goal, not just the final goal” and insisted that, during that tour, “it is necessary to achieve a balance between head and heart, that is the key to success “. Also, the founder of El Ganso, based on his own experience, confessed that it is okay to be confused: “When you get confused is when you learn the most.” Finally, he reminded the 44 MEDEM students of their responsibility to “bring to society everything you have learned in ISEM”.


During the event, Luz López-Bleda, delegate of the XVI promotion, who highlighted the courage of her classmates when betting on a project such as fashion and the work of all professionals and teachers who passed through the classrooms during the event the course. The students were accompanied by Jorge del Río, academic director of MEDEM, and Patricia SanMiguel, academic coordinator of the same.

Teresa Sádaba, director of ISEM Fashion Business School, presided over the event that ended with a snack for the more than 250 attendees.

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