Marina Duque de Mulvihill

Máster Ejecutivo en Dirección de Empresas de Moda

Marina Duque de Mulvihill

Planning a Collection

Titled by Georgetown University and the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York (FIT) she completed her training at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Company (IESE), Marina Duque adds to her training more than twenty years of experience in fashion management in companies of the United States and Spain. Her extensive experience has not only been developed for companies of designers, but also in large distribution and in fashion chains.

She has been a member of teams of diverse companies such as Albert Nipon and Eileen Fisher, Andrew Fezz (GFT group) and has participated with Antonio Miró in the management of their collections during their agreement with Ermenegildo Zegna.

She also has experience as a buyer for the boutique brands of El Corte Inglés and as head of purchases in the Cortefiel Group for Cortefiel Mujer and as head of Corseteria purchases in Womens Secret.

She has extensive experience in Visual Merchandising and product development and has dedicated her work to the search and management of suppliers. Marina has also worked as a consultant in the development of license and international product strategy for clients such as El Caballo, Trucco and Jesús del Pozo, Sotogrande.

Marina Duque has taught courses on design and industry, commercial management, distribution, strategies, business management, procurement and supply, visual merchandising and packaging.

Currently, she works as a planning collections professor and her multilingual facet allows her to get involved in the international agreements of the ISEM Fashion Business School with other universities. Simultaneously she also gives training courses for the independent small business.