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ISEM Fashion Business School

ISEM Fashion Business School, a center of the University of Navarra, is the first business school specialized in fashion companies that exists in Spain, since 2001.

It was born with the objective of training professionals with negotiation and leadership skills to work in the fashion industry. Its vocation is to professionalize the sector; to be a center of convergence between management and creativity.

Throughout these years, ISEM Fashion Business School has achieved a unique balance between specialized knowledge and practical experience, enhancing the dimension and richness in the professional development of those who drive, from relevant positions, the future of the fashion industry.

Through its teaching and research activities, lSEM pursues the following main objectives:

• Imparting a global character through teachers, students and activities, which allows overcoming the cultural and social differences faced by international fashion and luxury companies.

• Maintain a strong and continuous support to the business community and its leaders, which allows contact with the reality of this industry, and makes it possible to detect the training needs of the sector.

• To create an environment that favors and stimulates start-ups in the fashion and luxury sector.

• To train the people who manage fashion companies, a sector of special relevance both for its business importance in the economy of our country, and for its impact and influence on society, prioritizing the moral and ethical values necessary to combine personal and business development of the institutions that compose it.

• To help professionalize the fashion industry which, due to its growth in recent years, needs specific business training.

Áreas de formación

  • Cultura y moda
  • Retail y operaciones
  • Emprendimiento
  • Comunicación e impacto digital
  • Sostenibilidad
  • Imagen y Visual Merchandising

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