Inge Lehmann

Fashion Digital marketing Program

Inge Lehmann

Consumers Behaviour and Merchandising

Lehmann has more than thirty years helping retail brands find their niche market so they can be profitable. Lehmann’s works go from making the brand, to the implementation of the visual merchandising and marketing strategy. She is capable to predict their necessities and the consumer aspiration, such as their stylistic preferences.

Lehmann also has excellent teaching skills, she collaborates with many universities such as Warton School of Pennsylvania University, Higher School of Economics, State University of Moscow, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in Manhattan and ISEM Fashion Business School.

However, her professional activity revolves around the business world. In the present, she is a CEO and founder of Lehmann International, a company that makes a brand’s strategies based on the Lehmann Lifestyle Method. Previously she was the Principal Partner of Whitaker International, where she worked in the brand positioning, product development and visual merchandising, among other kinds of stuff. As well, she has been a Brand Management Consultant and PD at Macy’s, Brand Management Director at Walmart and Production Director of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand.