The Right Product

RIGHT FASHION: Roadmap to Co-responsibility 

 “Right Fashion” aims to address the correct management of the fashion products focusing on the whole supply chain and driving these processes through a more sustainable model

About the program

“Right Fashion: Roadmap to Co-responsibility” is a program designed by ISEM Fashion Business School to provide the Fashion Industry with the tools and knowledge to follow the path to a more responsible and sustainable model

Since the last decade, communication strategies without transforming capacity are giving way to the development of co-responsibility exercises in which global brands and their suppliers share their vision of adequate compliance with the rights demanded by their customers, suppliers and governments. This transformation is not an option. This new approach has come to stay.

Right Fashion is a program to provide a roadmap to sustainability (how to do things right) across the whole value chain: human rights, right design, right product, right delivery and right price.

Weeks of Training
Teamwork Sessions

Specialization Program- Title of the University of Navarra