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The fashion industry is in constant updating with quickly changing market trends and consumer habits. With this is mind, the industry is in need of professionals with solid training in analytical and management skills who’ll be able to face the fickle nature of the sector.

The key to success in the management of fashion companies lies in the development of a business model capable of responding to consumer demand, which seeks novelty and innovation every day. Companies have to align their strategies with the demands of their customers, so that all their operations respond to these demands.

Our more than 800 alumni are working in different reference companies in the industry and many of them have developed their own businesses.

Graduation profile

The general objective of the Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration is the professional improvement in the performance of the directive tasks of the people who study this program. To do this, the student is expected to acquire:

  • The knowledge necessary to perform the management tasks with professional competence in the fashion sector.
  • The key skills to perform the management tasks.
  • Management attitudes and capacities, such as the desire for achievement, the capacity to integrate, the prospective, the sense of change, the promotion of innovation, the imagination, the sense of action, etc.
  • To integrate the legitimate interests of all their individuals into the current globalized and complex societies.
  • To achieve these objectives, students have the opportunity to visit several companies in the sector where they are familiarized in situ with the particularities of the product’s life cycle.
  • The practical part of the training is completed with professional practices in companies, with the development of consulting projects.

The MEDEM, provides students who come from another sector the opportunity to join the fashion industry; “Recruiting Days” with the main companies, the distribution of the promotion “CV BOOK” and the use of the CV TOOLS.

ISEM Fashion Business School through the master program, has become a benchmark for companies in the sector, which require professional management profiles that know the key codes of the fashion industry.

Some profiles of our graduates at the end of the Master are: Market Development Manager, Retail Managers, Buying Manager, Product Manager, Distribution Management, Product Commercial, Franchise Management, Product Development, Product Development Parade Collection, National RRPP and International, Social Networks Manager, Show-room Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Manager.

Professional outings

Throughout the Program, students have the opportunity to clarify their interests, abilities, values and management style that define their professional objectives. For this, they have the individual and personalized support of the ISEM team, to orient or, where appropriate, reorient their professional careers and, in short, to be incorporated into the fashion industry sector in its broadest sense.

Once the program is finished, ISEM maintains permanent contact with its Alumni. The Corporate Development department is still available to its former students to help them enter the market as well as to develop their professional career in new companies.


Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration



Official degree

10 months. September- June

26.000 €*

*Price includes the issuance of the official title from the Ministry of Education.
** 12% of disscount for University of Navarra’s former students.

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