The One2One Program

The One2One Program

The One2One Program is a personalized mentorship program that focuses on planning the students’ professional transition during their academic study at ISEM Fashion Business School.

The program is aimed at students that come from other working sectors and have decided to change careers and jump into the fashion industry; but it’s also offered to students who already work in the sector, and want to further elevate their careers within the industry.

Our Goals

  • Guide the students in this new period in their lives.
  • Help them develop their careers in the professional field and provide them with different tools so they can face future challenges.
  • Contribute to the training of their personal and professional skills.
  • Advice about specific questions or doubts that may arise about employment and studies in the new field. 
  • Each student is assigned a mentor.
  • The mentor has previously studied the student profile.
  • The student has three sessions available with the mentor throughout the course.
  • Its recommended to have the first session during the second semester (after Christmas) when the student has already acquired some base knowledge that will allow him to start for a more defining point when working on his plan.
  • The mentoring program is an extraordinary service that ISEM offers to its students, is not included in the FBA academic study.
  • Having these sessions is a free and voluntary activity. If the student doesn’t want the mentorship, it’s not required.
  • From ISEM we will provide each student’s information about their mentor.
  • The best thing to do is to write an email to the assigned mentor expressing interest in the Mentoring Program.
  • Because this is a voluntary activity, the mentor will appreciate the proactivity and the interest of the student.

The mentors of ISEM are teachers and professionals in the fashion sector that actively collab with the academic center and enjoy helping and sharing their knowledge with others:


Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration



Official Degree

10 months. September- June

26.000 *

*Price includes the issuance of the official title from the Ministry of Education.
** 12% of disscount for University of Navarra’s former students.

Executive – in campus