Application for the title

Application for the title

Executive Fashion MBA

The degrees that correspond to a syllabus approved by the Ministry of Education, confer an Official Title. These Titles are issued by the Rector of the University, on behalf of the S.M. the king of Spain. The University of Navarra issues official university degrees of Bachelor, Engineer and Architect; of Diploma and Technical Architect; of Master and Doctor. In these cases, when requesting the issuance of the Official Degree, the University of Navarra also issues a diploma accrediting the studies.

The rest of the degrees of the University confer own university degrees.

The Executive Master in Fashion Business Management is an official title.

Application for the Degree and / or Certificate of Studies (file)

To submit the application for the degree or the Certificate of Studies it is necessary that the file is complete, that is:

  • That all the credits of the degree have been obtained and all the qualifications are in a “certifiable” situation.
  • That all the required documents have been previously submitted (DNI, academic transcript of the degree, certified photocopy of the degree).
  • That all registrations have been paid.

Required documents for processing:

To request the title:

– Request [Download doc]

– If you are a member of the Numerous Family, a photocopy of the current title

For the certificate:

– Request [Download doc]

You can process:

  • In ISEM Fashion Business School: Hours: from 10 am to 1 pm, Monday to Friday C / Marquesado de Santa Marta 3, 28027 Madrid
  • By mail to: ISEM Fashion Business School C / Marquesado de Santa Marta 3, 28027 Madrid.
  • Vía  e-mail to:

Amount of the Univerity issues fee:

Masters Degree

 Ordinary amountAlumni MembersNumerous Family 1st cat./general

 Num. fam. 2nd cat./special Extraordinary PHD prize 

Executive Fashion MBA340 €325 € 240 € 125 €

These prices are valid until the 31st October 2019


Official grade reports (academic transcript): 25 euros 

Payment Options:

• If it is wished to be presented directly to the ISEM Fashion Business School, it may be payed in cash, with a check or credit card, or through a wire transfer to the University of Navarra bank account.
• If it is wished to be sent through email, it is necessary to include a check or a receipt of the wire transfer made to the University of Navarra bank account. These bank accounts may be used to pay (Sending the receipt of the wire transfer is required):

BANCO SANTANDER: 0049 1821 03 2810652157

LA CAIXA: 2100 2173 87 0200475077

Voucher of Masters title payment

Once the correct documentation is presented, the rights of the Masters degree of EDEM (Ejecutivo en Dirección de Empresas de Moda) will be reserved and secured. A voucher will be given personally, if the request was sent through ISEM; If the degree was solicited through mail or email, the voucher will be sent through the same way it was solicited.

The Issuing and Receiving of the Degree

The degrees will be issued in a span of approximately 10 months from when the degree was requested. When this happens, ISEM will inform the recipient through an e-mail or through a letter that will be sent through delivery.

Th degrees will only be given to the recipient. The degrree may also be given to people who give a passport or a type of official identification (DNI) with a signed authorization.

The titles may be received:
In ISEM, in the scheduled times for costumer service (from 10 to 13 hours, from Monday through Friday). Those who live in a different Spanish province from Madrid may request for the delivery of the degrees:

  •  The delivery will be sent to the autonomic government of the respective province (When doing the delivery the address to where the package can be collected will always be given).
  • The degree will be sent through delivery.
  • Those who do not live in Spain may request for the degree to be sent through mail.

Copy of oficial title

It is possible to obtain a copy of the degree if the original one were to get lost or destroyed; or if any of the information has changed such as names or last names for example.


  •  Form to request the copy of degree.
  • Photocopy of D.N.I for Spanish students or passport for international students.
  • If the original degree has to be modified or it has been damaged, the original must be turned back in for the request of the copy

-Issuing Rights (2018-2019)

  • 240 euros in case of losing degree
  • 115 euros in any other case (detriment, change of name, etc.).

-Presenting the request and rights of payment

The previous statements will indicate how to properly request for a degree when it is presented or emailed to ISEM.


When the request is successfully presented, a certificate that contains information about the degree that acridities the starting of the copy. This certificate will be sent out in a short and quick period of time.

-Receiving a Copy

It will be received the same way one would receive an official degree.

The procedure is the same as for official degrees; the issuing rights are 95 euros in all of the cases.