Admission Profile

Admissions Profile

The students of the Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration (FBA) must have the capacity of learning and the sufficient intellectual restlessness to acquire knowledge and tools that help them carry out administrative tasks in the fashion industry.

To that end, they must have a clear interest in developing skills such as:

  • Negotiation skills (business vision, customer orientation, resource management, negotiation, etc.).
  • Interpersonal skills (communication, conflict management, delegation, team work, etc.).
  • Personal skills (proactivity, initiative, tenacity, personal management, time management, information management, stress management, personal improvement, self-criticism, self-knowledge, learning, self-government, balance, integrity, etc.).

Academic access requirements

Students, Spanish or foreigners, must accredit the legal requirements of access provided in article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007.

To access an official Master’s programs, it is necessary to hold an official Spanish university degree or of another university. It has to be issued by an education institution of the European Higher Education Area that authorizes the issuer to access a Master’s degree.

Likewise, graduates from educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area can access without the need for homologation of their degree. ISEM will verify that they accredit a level of training equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degrees, which entitle them to access postgraduate courses.

As an academic requirement for access, English proficiency is also required.

Professional access requirements

The FBA is focused on graduates with professional experience, interested in the business dimension of the fashion sector.

The fundamental objective of the admission process is to value students who stand out for their maturity, academic curriculum, professional trajectory and interpersonal skills. This will allow a selection of candidates that contribute to mutual enrichment and to the maximum use of the program.

Admission criteria

  • Have a bachelor’s degree.
  •  Professional experience.
  •  English proficiency

Given the limited number of slots, we recommend that you start the admission process with time.

In order to evaluate the requirements of academic and professional access, candidates are asked to:

Complete the Application for Admission to the Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration

Fill in online request 

Print PDF request

Certified photocopy of University Degree or of the receipt of having requested it.

  • In the case of students with an approved foreign qualification: Certified photocopy of the University degree or of the receipt of having requested it and a certified photocopy of the homologation credential.
  • In the case of students with foreign qualifications NOT approved: Certified photocopy of the degree or certificate of having requested it and a certificate stating that the studies that the applicant completed can lead to postgraduate studies in their country. This certificate is issued by the university of origin or directly by the Ministry of Education of your country.

The certification can be done before a notary or competent public authority, or at the university that issued the degree. If the photocopy is not certified, you must present the original to the FBA secretariat (which will stamp the copies).

Attach original or certified photocopy of the academic record in which the student passes their grades.

The certification can be done before a notary or competent public authority, or at the university that issued the degree. If the photocopy is not certified, you must present the original for a comparison in the MEDEM secretariat (which will stamp the copies).

There will be an English test, both oral and written, in the personal interview that measures the level of knowledge of the language.

 You’re exempt if: 
• The candidate’s native language is English.
• The candidate has completed all of his studies in a country and English-speaking university.
• Accredit that you have worked, at least for two years professionally, in an English-speaking country, with English as the main language in your work.
• Presentation of a level C1 – Advanced, 87/120 points in the TOEFL or a score of 6.5 / 9 in IELTS or similar exam.

Attach an updated curriculum vitae and three ID-sized photos.

– For NATIONAL students: Photocopy of the DNI.
– In the case of students of the EUROPEAN UNION: Photocopy of the identity card of your country (document analogous to the Spanish DNI).
– Students from OTHER COUNTRIES: Photocopy of the passport (in no case the NIE).

Make the payment, as a right of admission, of 100 euros in any of the accounts indicated below. The proof of payment will be required.

0049 1821 03 2810652157
IBAN CODE: ES77 0049 1821 0328 1065 2157

2100 2173 87 0200475077
IBAN CODE: ES19 2100 2173 8702 0047 5077

Admission process

Once the documents detailed in the previous section have been presented, ISEM’s Board of Directors will analyze the information provided and determine if the candidate should be summoned to a personal interview to continue the admission process.

Personal interview: The objective is to assess the motivation of the candidate, the abilities of study, teamwork, creativity and leadership, as well as the ability of communication and personal maturity. The personal interview is held at the ISEM headquarters for Spanish candidates or residents in Spain, and through a video conference for candidates from other countries.

The selection is made according to the weighted assessment of the elements that are detailed below, each of them scoring on a scale of 1 to 5:

  • Academic Curriculum (30%)
  • Professional CV (40%)
  • Result of the admission interview (30%)

People with specific educational needs derived from a disability will have an academic advisor in the admission process who will evaluate the need for possible curricular adaptations, itineraries or alternative studies.

Notification to the candidate

The Board of Directors will resolve by delegation of the Rector and the candidate will be notified of the admission or not by mail. Admitted students have a period of 10 days, from the receipt of the letter, to make the reservation.


Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration



Official Degree

10 months. September- June

26.000 €*

*Price includes the issuance of the official title from the Ministry of Education.
** 12% of disscount for University of Navarra’s former students.

Executive – in campus

Graduation of the Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration

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