The PADEM is taught through the case method and through modules in workshop format. In addition, it includes lectures by renowned speakers from the sector.

The development of management skills is based on work and personal discovery. The case method, based on the study of real business situations in which the student has to perform an in-depth analysis and face decision-making, is the most effective to achieve it.

The unique intensive program of specific management training for fashion industry

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Case Method

The participant will face the analysis of a real business situation with biased information for this objective. The manager must conduct an in-depth study of the situation and define the problems and opportunities detected in it.

The participants are divided into heterogeneous groups that discuss the cases weekly, which allows to contrast different opinions, visions of the problem and ways to solve them.

After personal study and teamwork, general sessions are conducted by professors of the IESE Business School, who, with methodological rigor, direct the discussion of the problems raised through the case and lead to possible solutions and their consequences.