Academic program

Academic program

Through a comprehensive approach, the Advanced Fashion Business Management Program provides the tools, capabilities and skills necessary to make decisions related to any part of the business process.

It is aimed at professionals in the industry and / or retail with a minimum of 6 years of experience.

The unique intensive program of specific management training for fashion industry

Academic program 2019



Curricular structure

Introduction and methodology – 1 ECTS

  • Analysis of business situations (1 ECTS)
  • Finance for the Directorate (2 ECTS)
  • People Management (1 ECTS)
  • General Management (2.5 ECTS)
  • Innovation Workshop (1 ECTS)
  • Purchases and negotiation with suppliers (2.5 ECTS)
  • Operations of the fashion industry (2 ECTS)
  • Communication and Marketing (1 ECTS)
  • Branding (1 ECTS)
  • E-commerce (1 ECTS)
  • Fashion business models (2.5 ECTS)
  • High performance retail (2.5 ECTS)
  • Visual Merchandising (1 ECTS)
  • Internationalization (2.5 ECTS)
  • Product positioning and collection (2.5 ECTS)
  • Luxury industry (1 ECTS)
  • Materials Workshop (1 ECTS)
  • Culture and fashion (1 ECTS)

Conferences and executive lunches

Benefits of the program

It adapts to the needs and challenges of fashion and retail companies’ management, providing the participant:

  • A global and integrated vision of the sector
  • Industry-oriented management tools and knowledge
  • Strengthening leadership skills and teamwork
  • A business mentality oriented to results, but also to the development of people, company and society
  • Skills for business development within a context of constant change, rapid maturation of products and services, incessant technological innovation and globalization
  • Interest to strengthen commitment to the company’s mission and its long-term goals


Advanced Program in Fashion Business Management


Specialisation program

4 months of training
16 weeks
96 sessions 
Friday from 9.00 to 20.00 h. . (Breakfast and lunch included)

Starting date
March 4th 2022

Closing date
June 24th 2022


ISEM Fashion Business School

IESE Business School

University of Navarra

Professionals form fashion industry


* 12% of disscount for University of Navarra’s former students.