Academic tools

Academic tools


Set of computer tools to support classroom teaching, accessible from the Internet. Each subject has an ADI page, activated by the teacher, accessible to those who are enrolled in that subject. This page is a particularly fluid communication channel between teachers and students. On the page of each subject you can include:

  • Notices where you can find news that the teacher wants to offer. They can also receive an email with the content of the notice.
  • Documents that the student can download and print.
  •  Qualifications to know the marks obtained during the course.
  • Registration to sign up for different events that take place in the subject.

To access ADI, you need:

– Be a student of the UN and have an account type
– Be enrolled in any subject.
– Computer with Internet access.

Access to ADI


Students can ask about qualifications and see the status of their file.

Access Academic management


The University of Navarra offers its e-mail service to all its students, graduates, professors and administration and services staff, with the possibility of consulting inside and outside the facilities of the University.

Webmail access

Library access