Ezequiel Sánchez

Programa Avanzado en Dirección de Empresas de Moda

Ezequiel Sánchez

Strategic Management

Ezequiel Sánchez has worked in companies such as FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), fast fashion, online operations, management consulting and media for almost twenty years. He has accomplished excellent skills in the Management Consultancy field, with a special ability to invest in growing business.

After Sánchez graduated in Marketing and Commercial Management at ESIC, he then decided to study a European Masters in Management, in ESCP Europe. However, he has never left behind his eagerness to learn about Artificial Intelligence. That curiosity leads him to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2017.

Nowadays he works as a Managing Partner in Binomio Ventures, working in projects center on the creation of the share value, consulting services, and business development. Sánchez also works as an Independent Board Member in the MTNG Global Experience since 2012, an international platform for fashion brands. As well, he has experience working as a Managing Director in Tempe and also in the Inditex Group. Additionally, he worked as a Strategic Planning Manager in Mediaset Spain and also as a Consultant of Arthur D. Little, an international brand of Consulting Services in Boston.

In the teaching field, he not only gives lectures to the Advanced Program in Fashion Business Management (PADEM) about Strategy Management but also in the IE Business School; he has previously worked in the University Miguel Hernández de Elche in the Fundesem Business School.