Why choose an ISEM Student

Why choose an ISEM Student

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The ISEM Student is an entrepreneurial professional, with management skills and teamwork and with a clear vocation towards fashion.

In general, they have a degree in Business Administration, Law, Economics, Marketing, Advertising or History of Art, among other degrees.

They have a high level of English, experience in the sector and training aimed at managing teams, coordinating tasks and leading projects.

Throughout the academic year, the student performs an exercise of immersion in the fundamental notions of the managing companies, without losing sight of the creative component of the fashion industry. The permanent contact between teachers and students, and the interaction of the students with their knowledge and their clear vocation for this sector, gives such richness that makes our student candidates a unique potential for any company in the sector.

At ISEM, we try to convey that business leadership is not just a matter of knowledge or technology; it is insisted that it feeds on generosity, creativity, enthusiasm and example through its own behavior and the ability to generate a good work environment.

The Corporate Development Department of ISEM Fashion Business School works closely with companies to connect students and alumni with the demands of the sector. The objective is to perform an intermediation task: to bring supply and demand closer to managers of fashion companies.