The Hive

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The Hive is an exclusive club of entrepreneurs for small Spanish emerging brands that have been born and developed, mainly, through digital channels.

The Hive aims to become a collaborative and safe working environment for small fashion brands, in which ISEM acts as a facilitator and driver of the development of these brands. The School makes available to entrepreneurs all their expertise, their academic faculty (professors) and their contacts within the sector.

The Hive program includes:

  • 4 training days per year for its members: Business & finance; trends and model business: the cycle of product; Communication, Digital Marketing and PR; and retail management.
  • 3 annual mentoring sessions: Meetings with a professional mentor from the sector who will act as a guide in the decision-making and future vision of the company.
  • Internationalization platform: ISEM will collaborate in the dissemination organization for the introduction of brands in other markets.
  • ISEM privileges:

-Discounts on all ISEM Programs

– Networking with industry professionals

– Total availability of ISEM facilities for exhibitions, meetings or any other need.

– Free legal advice with the CONTIAC office.

– Presence in the media: specialized publications in the sector.


  • Beyton
  • Black Limba
  • Bleis Madrid
  • Bo Star
  • Bobo’s
  • Bonai
  • Edmmond Studios
  • Elefantine
  • Frambua
  • Lonbali
  • Magnolia
  • Marvin Kids
  • Micansesú
  • Mimoki
  • Mohel
  • M&M handmade
  • MySulaFish
  • Spanish & Sisters
  • Twin & Chic
  • Zapaboo