ISEM Alumni Grouping

ISEM Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of ISEM Fashion Business School is an organ of the School with the autonomy and functions conferred on it by the Board of Directors, through its statutes. It represents all those who can belong to the Association, wish to be part of it as Members, and look after the interests and aspirations of all ISEM Alumni.

The mission of the Grouping of Members of ISEM Fashion Business School is to promote the permanent formation of the people that have participated in the programs of ISEM and to foment the collaboration between its members.

Alumni ISEM Fashion business School

Dear Alumni:

As President of the Alumni Association of ISEM / University of Navarra, I welcome you and encourage you to keep in touch and actively participate as members of this Association.

As for most of you, ISEM is an important part of my life. The completion of the Executive Fashion MBA in 2004 was a total change in my professional career that allowed me to join the fashion industry, specifically the jewelry sector. This change of professional trajectory, along with the personal experiences lived during the Master and especially throughout the following years, make that ISEM is present, for one reason or another, every day in my work.

We are more than 600 Alumni that have shared knowledge, experiences, an academic and personal formation. We want to continue maintaining that once we finish our student stage.
That is why, together with the members of the Board of Directors, we are proud of belonging to the Alumni Association of ISEM / University of Navarra, and at the same time contribute the Alumni personal and professional benefits.

We are at your disposal,

A hug,

Cristina Saracho, MEDEM 2004