Become an ISEM donor

Become an ISEM donor

Alumni ISEM Fashion Business School

Being a donor implies being an active part of the development of the projects that are carried out at ISEM Fashion Business School every day. Thanks to the contributions of our donors, we can continue to materialize the ISEM training and research grants, also the institution & projects and finance the Alumni activities, whether they are guided tours, conferences or events. Without the contribution of the people who collaborate with us, our School would lose too much: our future.

With donations, always adapted to the possibilities of each one, we manage to support our students and professionals; since they are the most precious thing we have. Accompanying those who need it in the years of study is one of the greatest satisfactions for our donors, they are part of every small achievement that ISEM Fashion Business School obtains.

Thanks to you we can look forward: because being a donor is one of the most direct ways to help ISEM. In every step we take, we always keep in mind that we move forward because you support us without asking for anything in return.

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