Activities and conferences

Activities and conferences


► I Annual Meeting ISEM Alumni 2013 Round Table ‘Entrepreneurs’. See more

►II Annual ISEM Alumni Meeting 2014
Conference of Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, Rector of the University of Navarra . See more

► III Annual Alumni ISEM 2015 Meeting
Conference “The clock or the compass; Who directs our life? ” See more

►IV Annual ISEM Alumni Meeting 2016
Conference “Empowering fashion leaders: keys to personal excellence”. See more

►V Annual ISEM Alumni Meeting 2017
Conference “Creativity as a way to provide social value”. See more

►VI Annual Alumni Meeting ISEM 2018
Colloquium with Erwan Camphuis, CEO of Cifonelli, and José Luis Díez-Garde. See more


►Christmas Cup Alumni 2012. See more
► Christmas Cup and Conference 2013. Panel on multi-channel. See more
► Conference Christmas 2014 “Location is still everything”. See more
► Christmas Cup and Conference 2015. “World events directly affect luxury sales”. See more
► Christmas Cup and Conference 2016. “Innovation is key to the survival of companies in the sector”.  See more
► Christmas Cup and Conference 2017. “Dolores Promesas: success story of a made in Spain brand”. See more
► Christmas Cup and Conference 2018. “The key to success includes passion, emotion, action and attitude”. See more

► Conference “An excellent experience”
Speaker: Beatriz González-Cristóbal, counselor of the Tous Group. See more

► Round table “Creating luxury experiences”
Speakers: Lander Urquijo, director of Lander Urquijo; Marta Eizaguirre, director of Circa Jewels; and Danixa Montero, director of Serendipia Spa. See more

► Conference “Craftsmanship: the foundation of luxury brands”
Speaker: Silvia Soler, head of Raw Materials Loewe. See more

► Conference “Business models to lead growth in emerging markets”
Speaker: Álvaro González-Alorda, director of Emergap. See more

► Linkedin Practical Seminar: “How to use and make profitable the use of social networks”
Speaker: Alex López, director of Sartia. See more

► Conference “UNOde50, an unknown success”
Speaker: Javier Arrevola, CEO of Uno de 50. See more

► Conference “Challenging the Status Quo”
Speaker: Javier Fernández Andrino, Director of Marketing and International Tourism at El Corte Inglés. See more

► Conference “The fashion sector in the US: Particularities and differences with Europe”
Speaker: Víctor Suárez, CEO of Sultan Group KUWAIT. See more

► Conference “Camper: past, present and future of an innovative brand”
Speaker: Cecilia Llorens, Camper Product Manager. See more

► Workshop “Speak in public with success”
Speaker: Marta de Basilio, founder and CEO of Speaker Coach SL. See more

► Conference “Latest Trends in Fashion Marketing”
Speaker: Pedro Mir, Head of the Fashion Digital Marketing Program. See more

► Conference “The digital consumer”
Speaker: David Bell, professor at The Wharton School. See more

► Exhibition “Bulgari and Rome”, Thyssen Museum.

► Guided tour of the Teatro Real de Madrid.

► Conference “Sonia Delaunay”, Thyssen Museum. See more 

► Guided tour of the “Pertegaz” exhibition, Canal de Isabel II Room.

► Guided tour of the exhibition “Sorolla y la Moda”, Thyssen Museum.

► Guided tour of the exhibition “MODUS. In the manner of Spain “, Channel Room of Isabel II.