Quality plan

Quality plan

ISEM Fashion Business School considers it essential to guarantee the quality of the degree and the services it offers. As a reflection of this commitment, it has established an Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIC). The SGIC of ISEM Fashion Business School comprises a reduced set of procedures of the AUDIT program of the ANECA.

It systematically includes the activities developed by ISEM Fashion Business School in order to enhance the quality and continuous improvement of the official degree and the services it offers.

With the incorporation of revision and continuous improvement strategies, ISEM Fashion Business School aims to develop and control its actions, review and redefine them according to the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.

At ISEM Fashion Business School there is a Quality Assurance Committee that coordinates the tasks of planning and monitoring the IQAS. The Quality Assurance Committee also acts as a communication vehicle for the policy and quality objectives of ISEM Fashion Business School, guaranteeing its fulfillment and dissemination among the university community.

  • Mrs. Begoña Carnero: Coordinator of the CGC
  • Mrs. Pepa Sánchez de Miguel: Member of the CECA
  • Mrs. Cecilia Gonzalo Pascual: Member of the CECA
  • Mrs. Patricia SanMiguel: Faculty Representative
  • Mrs. Cristina Muñoz: Student Representative
  • Mrs. Carmen Pedrosa: 
  • Student Representative
  • Mrs. Cristina Lorenzo: PAS Representative