“Fashion On The Move: Rethinking Design”


April 20th and 21st, 2016

Pamplona, SPAIN

LOCATION Wednesday: Museum University of Navarra. Auditorium.Thursday: School of Communication. Room 6.

Conference Papers Presentation

Since 1992, the University of Navarra organizes this Fashion Conference as a space of dialogue between academia, professionals and students. This edition is organized through the collaboration among four university members: ISEM Fashion Business School, School of Communication and School of Architecture and the recently opened “Museo Universidad de Navarra” -located in its main campus at Pamplona (Navarra)- where the Conference will be held.

Fashion, by nature, is always in the limelight, continuously moving and changing. As such, there is an urgent and significant need to analyze and think critically on this matter. Continuous improvement of fashion’s value chain, from the creativity to the point of sale, is possible thanks to the research and study of its activities.

From a multidisciplinary approach to Fashion -business, communication, culture, and education-, this X Fashion Conference at the University of Navarra aims to rethink the status of design in order to examine its current situation and its education as well as to discuss about the future challenges of this discipline.