Ángel Lobo: The most in-demand applicant profiles in the fashion sector

The Director of Retail HR at Desigual participated in an online session organized by ISEM Fashion Business School

Ángel Lobo, Director of Retail HR at Desigual, gave an interesting online session entitled “Applicant profiles sought by fashion companies”. ISEM Fashion Business School organized this webinar with the aim of helping all those who want to work in fashion and, in the words of the speaker, “thus shed some light on the job opportunities that can be found in this sector.”

“In a fashion firm you can find many different positions”, highlighted Ángel Lobo and specified that “not only those related to design or the store, but there is a large amount of positions typical of the fashion sector, such as buyer or product manager, and other more generic ones also present in companies in other sectors: HR, marketing… ”. In this sense, Lobo paid special attention when noting that “no two fashion companies have the same organizational structure.”

At the end of the webinar, the Desigual manager revealed which positions are currently most in demand in the sector and pointed out the need to train and specialize in the fashion sector. In addition, when faced with a job offer, he advised the more than 150 attendees: “Designing a good CV, highlighting the points most in line with that position, is key; as well as being natural in interviews ”.

Webinar Angel Lobo- perfiles empresas moda
Ángel Lobo revealed which are the most demanded profiles in the fashion sector.

An executive with more than 2o years of experience

Ángel Lobo has more than 23 years of experience in the retail sector, 14 of them working specifically in the  fashion industry. Before Desigual, Lobo held different positions of responsibility at INDITEX, where he spent more than 10 years. He defines himself as “a human resources professional who comes from the business side” since his professional career began at Carrefour working in positions such as store manager, sales trainer or Supply Chain manager.

ISEM Fashion Business School organizes different free webinars throughout the year. For this, the School invites various personalities from the industry with the aim of bringing fashion closer to all those interested in starting a professional career in the sector or in continuing to grow within the industry.

Do you want to know which are the most demanded profiles in the fashion industry? Don’t miss the webinar!

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