Presentation of the “Glossary of Sustainability for Fashion and Food”

The glossary provides the first part of the results of the European project "Fashion & Food synergy for sustainability'', which involves several academic partners, including ISEM Fashion Business School (University of Navarra). Professor Silvia Pérez Bou participated in the round table that framed the virtual presentation.


Museums and fashion: a creative getaway for FBA students

FBA students traveled to the Campus of the University of Navarra in Pamplona where, among other things, they were able to visit the Art Museum. They also visited the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum in Guetaria (Guipúzcoa).


A new academic study by ISEM delves into the “Policy, sustainability and innovation in fast fashion and fashion groups”

A paper by Professors Silvia Pérez-Bou and Isabel Cantista analyzes the role of the Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and the Fashion Pact, in some of the leading companies in the fashion industry.