Academic Program


  • Understanding different mechanisms of action of the digital environment linked to fashion.
  • Learn specific aspects of the influence marketing.
  • Introduce the different tools and the new format of decision making.
  • Develop an appropriate e-commerce strategy combined with market-places and third-party channels.
  • Acquire knowledge of the digital fashion consumer, what he does, what moves him and draw the profile of the buyer persona of each of the participating companies.
  • Know and understand the inherent and exclusive aspects of the industry.
  • Coordinate and design a Direct Marketing strategy and campaign for a fashion company.

A program to learn the keys of e-Business and Digital Marketing applied into the fashion industry

Academic program

  • Digital Environments Introduction
  • Fashion Digital Strategies (positioning, marketplaces, Amazon)
  • Customer Journey & Customer Centric Strategy
  • Fashion Social Media Strategies
  • Social Media Ad’s and Google Universe
  • Influencer Marketing
  • SEO & SEM in Fashion
  • Fashion retail & e-retailers
  • Fashion Inbound Marketing & Digital Marketing Tools
  • Fashion E-commerce
  • Fashion Digital Marketing Plan
  • Fashion Designer Digital Strategy
  • Business Plan

Fashion Digital Strategies

Online Course

Specialisation program ISEM- University of Navarra

Starting date
May 23th 2022

Closing date
June 9th 2022


3 weeks of training
12 academic sessiones
Monday to Thursday – 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


* 12% of disscount for University of Navarra’s former students.